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Playing a key role in the field of knowledge management, CI-Master is a competitive intelligence application developed in line with the following principle :

"Competitive intelligence is a process that deals with the identification, critical analysis, structuring, capitalization, management and targeted distribution of sensitive, mission-critical information".

CI-Master architecture.

The CI-Master features two components :

  • Management of the structure, storage and archiving of the selected information.
    • The information is managed via a secure knowledge base.
  • Publication and distribution of the information according to different modes :
    • "Pull" mode consists of viewing the information using dedicated Intranets according to different methods: browsing, profiles, "business" thesauri, search engines...
    • "Push" mode consists of sending the information to the appropriate users by means of a customized profile or warning them if sensitive information has been modified.

Information processing.

The CI-Master is designed as a manager of links to all types of information.

The information is kept in its original format (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf…) to avoid any risk of alteration.

All validated and consolidated information is linked to a network of headings (markets, applications, products, projects, customers, suppliers, and so on).

There is no restriction in the number of headings, which are used to reflect all the company's activities and business units. They form a network highlighting the relations between the activities and the business units.

Man-machine interface.

Several "Intranet" man-machine interfaces can be generated from a single database (separate interfaces for top management, marketing, customer technical support, and so on). Managers only have one database to populate and can manage the confidentiality levels almost automatically.

Information distribution modes.

Users can browse through the Intranet using :

  • Links created between the information and the headings
  • Customized profiles
  • "Business" thesauri
  • Dedicated search engines

They can also receive information in predigested format via their email based on customized profiles.

Open to other software platforms.

Our concern to build an architecture open to other software platforms is focused on the :

  • Functional openness to other applications (SAP, CRM...)
  • Technical openness, resulting in the choice of technologies to allow the implementation of CI-Master, irrespective of the customer's IT environment.
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